Who we are :

Innatera is a rapidly-growing Dutch semiconductor company that develops ultra-efficient neuromorphic processors for AI at the edge. These microprocessors mimic the brain’s mechanisms for processing fast data streams from sensors, enabling complex turn-key sensor analytics functionalities, with 10,000x higher performance per watt than competing solutions. Innatera's technology serves as a critical enabler for next-generation use-cases in the IoT, wearable, embedded, and automotive domains.

Innatera's Algorithms team delivers innovative, advanced AI algorithms and methodologies which are central to the neuromorphic technology in our processors.

The team is looking for a Machine Learning Engineer. The ideal candidate has a strong record of ML development and deployment in a commercial, applied context.

In this role, you will be responsible for:

  • Collaboration with a highly interdisciplinary team to deliver end-to-end software and hardware application-use cases,
  • Development, deployment and maintenance of ML pipelines,
  • Championing of good development practices for robust, reproducible ML/Data Science tools and pipelines,
  • Analyzing, profiling and benchmarking of ML models and pipelines,
  • Pipeline and model optimization for e.g. latency, memory, power,
  • Providing insights based on explainable AI practices,
  • Leading the development of ML algorithms for application-use cases, their implementation in our software and on our hardware,
  • Extending Innatera's toolbox with new methodologies,
  • Identifying requirements and specifications for challenging customer use-cases,
  • Providing hardware development teams with insights on the needs of algorithms,
  • Contributing to the creation of IP (patents, knowhow).

Required skills for this position:

  • Python,
  • Scikit-learn,
  • TensorFlow/PyTorch or an alternative framework,
  • Python data visualization,
  • A track record of ML development and deployment in an industrial environment, including feature engineering, statistical analysis, ML models,
  • Team-player attitude.

Preferred skills for this position:

  • A BSc or MSc in a subject related to ML/Data Science/Statistics with at least 2 years of relevant industry experience,
  • Experience with time series data/sensor data,
  • Familiarity with hardware architectures,
  • Problem-solving, goal-oriented attitude,
  • Passionate about technology.

What do we offer :

  • A dynamic working environment around a fearless engineering culture,
  • Ambitious teams with the freedom to innovate,
  • A Flexible working environment (work from home policy, flexible working hours, advantageous holidays scheme ..),
  • An inclusive company culture which embraces communication, diversity and support around holistic and personal development.